Welcome to SpookySwiftie!

Founded in April of 2022, SpookySwiftie is a unique small-run shop that was
born out of a shared love of all things dark, spooky, and Taylor swift. What
started as a small Etsy store has not blossomed into a thriving independent
business, thanks to the unwavering support of our amazing customers like you!

Our team is made up of two friends who share a passion for creativity,
quality, and exceptional customer service. We work to ensure that every aspect
of our shopping experience with us is amazing, from the moment you browse our
website to the day your purchase arrives on your doorstep. Since we are such a
small business, we strive to respond to your messages within a business day,
though we always appreciate your patience!

We're also thrilled to introduce you our one-of-a-kind shop assistant,
Ricky. As a skeleton with a heart of gold, Ricky adds a touch of dark whimsy to
our daily operations. Despite his lack of a pulse or flesh, he plays a vital
role in assisting us behind the scenes, making sure your orders are processed
with care and a sharp attention to detail.

We are committed to promoting sustainable shopping practices, which is why
the bulk of out products are created just for our customers upon each order.
his approach not only allows us to minimize waste, but also ensures that each
item is made with love and precision.

Join us on the spooky journey, where the eerie meets the melodious, and let
SpookySwiftie become your go-to shop for all of your spooky And Swiftie-inspired

Stay spooky,

The SpookySwiftie Team

Kate, Rachel, and Ricky